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Shailene Woodley wrote about John Green for Time’s “The 100 Most Influential People,” 2014 [link]. 

1. I am so thrilled to have been named to the 2014 TIME 100. Shai’s essay is so kind and generous. That sentence about planets and moons is a lovely goal for us all to reach toward. Now, that said, I’m no prophet. I’m a guy who not too long ago tried to wax his chin

2. Do I really look like that illustration?

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It’s easier when I feel like I have a plan and a path to getting everything done. When I don’t have a plan I just feel stuck in the mud. I get “work stress” when I feel like I just need to push through and make a bunch of things happen. When I do push through, I get to the other side of stress. But, pushing through is the most difficult part.

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